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Agile Web Operations live July 1, 2008

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In other news, I’ve started up a professional blog @ http://www.agileweboperations.com with my good friend, Matthias Marschall!

Check it out and let us know what you think.


colorSpace LITE February 20, 2008

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I’ve listened to your ear-splitting cries calling for simplicity! Check out the new colorSpace LITE


Tastes Great & Less Filling :)

colorSpace 2.1 March 31, 2007

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Spring has finally sprung and I’ve done a bit of much needed cleaning at colorSpace. First off, you can finally create a New space right from the applet (yes, _again_!) and its even easier to publish your spaces to flickr.


Hope you enjoy the upgrades! Happy Spring, everybody!

overwhelming response February 11, 2007

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I posted a comment on digg yesterday that really got some serious traffic coming to colorSpace. This also caused me to realize that I had a big problem with the applet – namely, I had compiled it with JDK 1.6 which broke backwards compatibility with JRE 1.5. After recompiling (and re-releasing the site), everything works correctly again!

The dreaded version 2.0 ;) January 7, 2007

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So I finally made it! Version 2.0 is officially released with the new feature that you can draw together with your buddy. Check it out on colorSpace!


Homepage lovin’ December 29, 2006

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Some users have referred their friends to colorSpace only to have their friends come back and ask “How do I register?” and “What is this site??”. Those are embarassing questions for me, so I decided to spruce the homepage up a bit.


In addition to a couple of nice screenshots (thanks Kerstin!), I’ve streamlined the registration process and made it the default entry into the application. Yes, this means a bit of discomfort for you folks that know your way around now, but just click on that ‘Remember me’ checkbox the next time you login and you’ll never see the homepage again ;) !!

Merry Xmas (and howto move shapes)! December 25, 2006

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I’ve been wondering how to explain to users that its possible to alter the “depth” of drawn shapes in their colorSpace. This is pretty hard to do because I’m not so sure about the correct terminology – is it pushing down/pulling up or lowering/raising or hiding/showing? I altered the “Move” button command a bit (see lower right highlight) to better explain the 3D possibilities in the colorSpace. Notice above the horizontal progress bar which shows the relative depth of the currently selected shape.


To change the “depth” of a shape, you can either click a shape and scroll the middle mouse wheel or click a shape and drag the pointer on the progress bar above.

flickr Integration December 17, 2006

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I just added flickr integration to colorSpace! With the help of the flickrj plugin by Anthony Eden, it only took me a few hours to get basic picture uploads hooked up. On the list screen you’ll notice the flickr logo just to the left of your space.



Just click flickr1.png to send this picture to flickr for all the world to see!

In addition to improving the overall quality of the rendered pictures, I also fixed a few bugs with Text drawing. Hope you enjoy it!

colorSpace 1.9 December 10, 2006

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Hiya folks!

I know its been a long 2 months but I have been anything but idle. This evening I’m releasing the all new colorSpace including a completely overhauled drawing applet (including the ability to draw Text and even Chat with your buddy)!

New & Improved colorSpace Applet

As promised, I have reworked the framework from Grails to Spring. This was not quite as easy as I expected, but I certainly learned a lot the last couple of months.

Also, I’ve got a new domain name to better reflect the application – http://colorspace.homedns.org. So go give colorSpace a whirl and tell me what you think.

October 11, 2006

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Until further notice, colorSpace will be offline.